Colorado Winters Are Tough On Low Performing Systems

Annual furnace inspections ensures your system will survive the winter keeping your family Safe, Warm, and Comfortable.

21 Point Winter Furnace Safety Check


Save on

Utility Bills

Check for

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Check For

Gas Leaks



Our Expert Technicians Check the Following:

Blower Function

Blower Amperage

Inducer Motor Function

Inducer Motor Amperage

Igniter Condition

Igniter Amperage

Flame Sensor Condition

Rollout Sensor Condition

A/C Wiring Condition

Contractor Condition

Condenser Condition

Return Air Temp

Supply Air Temp

CO Detectors in Home

Water Leakage

Filter Condition

Air Filter Condition

Furnace Gas Safety Check

Furnace Carbon Monoxide Check

Indoor Coil Air Flow

Indoor Coil Condition

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