Thank you for checking out the blog here at Premier Heating and Air. We specialize in HVAC service and air conditioning repair. There are many reasons why you may need HVAC work and air conditioning repair. We can make sure your coolants are balanced and that you have a clean air filter so your system is not overworking just to get properly cooled air throughout your house. A reliable air conditioner is crucial to enjoying a comfortable summer in Colorado, and Premier Heating and Air is Denver’s number one resource for air conditioning repair and installations.

One thing we like to do is answer questions that we get from our customers or the general public regarding HVAC service and repairs. Our HVAC advice column is a perfect place to answer questions. Hopefully, through our blog, we can help you out by preventing the need for repair work on your HVAC or air conditioner. Here’s a letter from one of our readers.

Dear HVAC Expert,

My air conditioner seems to be malfunctioning. It does not seem to be blowing out as much cold air as it normally does. We have had some hot days here in Colorado recently and I am not sure if my HVAC system is just overworked or if there is something wrong with my AC. I see there’s some ice built up my compressor outside, so I am also very worried about that. Is there some sort of easy, layman’s process that I can go through to see if I need to schedule an air conditioning repair?

Thank you for your advice,

Dripping Sweat in Denver

Dear Dripping,

We definitely can get your AC up and running again. To figure out if you need a repair or not, just turn your whole HVAC system off for the night. You should see that the ice is melted away from your air conditioner’s compressor in the morning. Turn your AC on to see if you start getting cooler air through your vents. If you do, problem solved. If not, turn it back out and check your air filter. If it is covered in dirt, dust, or grime, change it out. This may very well be the root of your problem if it has been longer than 30 – 60 days since you last changed your filter. Your filter should be changed often, depending on if you have pets or have other contributing factors that would create more dirt and dust to be in the air. If your HVAC is still not operating correctly after letting the ice melt off and changing the filter, then contact us for an air conditioning repair.

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We hope this answers your questions about AC repair. Thank you for writing into our blog and HVAC advice column.


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