Welcome back to our blog. We have recently talked about the different options for cooling your home and how they work. Some units are better than others, in the sense that some cool your entire home better than others, and other units are more efficient, or affordable. While each option has their pros, they also have their cons. We’re going to explore those different units, and the things they have to offer, and the nuisances they present as well.

Central Air Conditioning Pro’s Vs. Con’s: Because these units work with a duct system, the cool air if quickly and easily distributed to the many parts of the home. While it’s great for cooling every room at once, it’s also a very expensive choice. One benefit is that it’s very quiet, but if you don’t already have a unit installed, it can be an extremely costly addition to your home. Also consider how energy efficient central air conditioning is, or isn’t.

Room Coolers Pro’s  Vs. Con’s: When looking at why these units are great, the first thing one might notice is that they are extremely cost effective. They can be easily installed in a window, and are portable. However, if these units are not installed correctly, they could end up costing you money in your energy bill, as well as your comfort, as air leakage tends to be an issue with these units.

For more information on the pro’s and con’s of each of these units, contact our air conditioning services. If you’re current unit isn’t serving you well, ask us about our air conditioning repair today. Stay tuned to our next blog, where we’ll continue to address this topic.