This is your air conditioning unit. The spike in warmer weather is the perfect time to remind you of my yearly check up. Premier Heating and Air in Denver, does air conditioning repair should the need arise from the regular maintenance. With regular maintenance, we can avoid little, inexpensive problems from becoming big, high-priced problems. I definitely want to stay in great shape and avoid a costly air conditioning repairs or even an emergency furnace replacement. The expert technicians at Premier Heating and Air are always happy to answer a lot of questions about furnace and air conditioning repairs.

We have found that we posing some of these questions and answering through our blog, can increase the exposure they get. Here are a couple that relate directly to furnace and A/C repair and maintenance.

“How often should I have my Furnace and A/C maintained?”

A: “Most manufacturers recommend annual maintenance on both systems. This is generally stated in the owner’s manual and the manufacturer can void the warranty if there is neglect. Premier Heating and Air offers three affordable options for maintenance that range from $12-$24 a month. See the Maintenance Agreements for details!!!”

Q: “How much does a new furnace or A/C cost?”

A: “This is a question that we hear a lot and it’s also one that is very difficult to answer without visiting your home first. We carry systems that range from entry level efficiencies and go all the way up to the most efficient systems on the market. There are also many factors that are unique to every individual home such as: electrical, exhaust venting, drains, gas, etc… This is why we do FREE, no obligation estimates to give you an exact and accurate estimate. We also back that up with a “Pound for Pound guarantee”, so you know that you are getting the best value around.”

As you can see, the experts at Premier also believe in regular maintenance, as opposed to getting hit with gigantic bill for repairs or replacements that could’ve been avoided.