The first air conditioner was made by Willis Haviland Carrier.  He was an electrical engineer who worked an a Lithographing and Publishing Company in Brooklyn, N.Y.   He discovered air cooled as it passed across cold pipes, and since cool air can’t carry as much moisture as warm air, the process reduced the humidity in the plant and stabilized the moisture content of the paper.  And so the first air conditioner was made!  Now just about everyone everywhere has an air conditioner.  AC provides comfort for your home or business and if you ask anyone, they don’t want to be without it!  Make sure your air conditioner is running at top performance this summer by having it checked and tuned up by Premier Air Colorado,  a trusted and recommended company in Denver.  Improve your indoor air today by calling air conditioning repair Denver at 303-993-9060. for more information on heating and cooling and promotions!


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