Just like any other appliance in your home, your air conditioning unit will inevitably show wear and eventually deteriorate over time. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to avoid running into common A/C problems. Here at Premier Heating & Air, your trusted Denver air conditioning repair team, we can diagnose and mitigate the following common air conditioning problems early with regular maintenance.

  1. The A/C unit runs but doesn’t cool. This issue is normally caused by a clogged or dirty filter or issues with the condenser. It can also be caused by low refrigerant or it may be leaking. 
  2. The run cycles are too long or too short. Inconsistent run cycles can be among the most common air conditioning issues caused by dirty condenser coils or evaporators. The wear and tear that comes with inconsistent run cycles can cause your air conditioning unit to struggle to reach the temperature of your thermostat setting and also to break down prematurely.
  3. Poorly operating motors resulting in excessive energy use. This problem is often caused by moving parts that are not lubricated enough. Excessive friction is capable of making motors and fans work harder. This will cause your A/C unit to utilize more electricity and cost you more money in the form of energy bills.
  4. Electric control failure. It is not uncommon for compressor and fan controls to wear out. This happens when your air conditioner frequently turns on and off, a common occurrence when a system is oversized.

These most common air conditioning problems have many causes, but usually arise from faulty installation, inadequate maintenance and poor service procedures. Call Premier Heating & Air today!