This is your air conditioning unit. In our last blog from Premier Heating and Air, we talked about the importance of regular HVAC system maintenance. Then we tied that to how it saves you some money in the long run by avoiding furnace repairs or extremely costly furnace replacements in Denver. Now that we’ve talked about the need to maintain your HVAC, let’s talk about the type of furnace filter you need to use to extend the life of your furnace. Changing your air filter is the best, easiest, and least expensive thing you can do to help your HVAC system last it’s full life cycle. With that in mind, we have a couple questions from our FAQ on these topics.

Q: “What type of filter is the best and most economical?”

A: “We usually recommend that you use either a basic blue or green fiberglass filter vs. any pleated 3M filter. Pleated filters work well, but generally clog up easily and cause air restrictions on the system. If you have problems with allergies, we recommend upgrading to an electronic air cleaner.”

Q: “How long does a furnace and A/C generally last?”

A: “Furnaces last about 15 years on average and A/C’s last about 10 years on average. We have seen systems last 20-30 years in some cases. The main factors that determine the life of a system is how well you maintain it. Location is a factor as well, whether the furnace is located in a basement versus a crawlspace or attic can affect the life. These averages can vary based on what region you are in and type of climate.”