At Premier Heating and Air, we know that the summer months in Denver can bring some of the most dry and uncomfortable months of the year to a home. We also know that some people do not have the luxury of central air conditioning for these months. If this happens to be you, and you are depending on window air conditioning units for the summer, there are strategic places you can place your window units to maximize the cool air flow of your home.

If you only have one window unit, we suggest that you place it in the room that you and yours require the most comfort. If this is the case, try putting it in your bedroom because that is probably where you spend the most hours including sleep. Try fan circulation for the living and dining areas because you spend less time in those areas than you think.

If you do have more than one window unit, we suggest creating something that is called a cross breeze. One window unit is only designed to cool one room or open area, but if you put one unit in a more open room and another in a room that the air from the first unit can reach then they will maximize the comfort level in each room.

The third option is contacting us at Premier Heating and Air for an air conditioning repair or installment. Instead of struggling with window units that are bulky and drain your electricity, call us and schedule an installment, your comfort level will never be the same and you will be immediately happy you did it.