It was me. I did it. I broke the furnace. I wasn’t always a dirty, rogue furnace filter, though. I had big dreams when I was a fresh and clean furnace filter. When I first had my plastic wrapping removed, I was going to change the world by dedicating every fiber of myself to stopping dust, dirt, pet hair, and other particles from hitting my furnace’s blower fan. I knew my job wasn’t really to clean the household air, but I knew I could at least filter out some of the contaminants that were circulating through the system. A legend was about to be born. That legend would be me.

However, I had no idea that if I tried to do my job for too long, I would get full of enough gunk that air wouldn’t pass through me anymore, which could damage the furnace and cause the owners to call a furnace repair service here in Denver. My career would be over in 90 days, less if there were too many other contributing factors.

As time went on and I filtered more debris, I discovered there were several contributing factors that could shorten the life of a furnace filter. House pets, tobacco smoke, sawdust from home repair, excessive fan operation, and existing dirty air ducts can all contribute to a shortened life for us furnace filters. With all these factors, I was filling up with particles at an alarming rate and would never make my full life cycle of 90 days. Eventually, I was more of an air stopper than an air filter, as air wasn’t really able to pass through me very easily, since I was so clogged. This put a great strain on the furnace and it eventually failed.

I’m not proud that I broke the furnace. I can only hope that by telling my story, others can learn from it and no other furnaces have to be damaged. If you need some furnace filters or if my story has reached you too late, and you need furnace repairs in Denver, contact Premier Heating and Air.