Few people enjoy the winter cold. Bundling up with gloves, hats, and scarves is one thing, but many people find themselves uncomfortable in their own homes. The majority of home heating in the U.S. comes from forced hot air systems that create cold feet, irritated sinuses, and dry, cracked skin. You might believe this is an unavoidable reality of winter, but a heating system conversion from Premier Heating & Air, your trusted Denver furnace repair team, will increase your comfort level and improve your health at the same time.

While the home improvement industry is focusing on luxury kitchen and bath remodels, you might consider instead putting your remodeling dollars toward a more practical end. Radiant flooring—also known as hydronic heating systems—will reduce your heating bill and truly increase your quality of life.

Finally Be Comfortable in Your Own Home
The biggest problem with forced hot air heating systems is heat distribution. Thermostats set for 70 degrees, for example, do not create rooms with anything resembling comfortable temperatures from head to toe. If it’s 70 degrees at your face, it can be 50 degrees or cooler on the floor and close to 100 degrees or more at the ceiling.  Radiant heat warms through energy waves rather than air particles and aren’t subject to the same distribution patterns. Essentially, you’re heating your home in exactly the same way as the Sun heats the Earth. Radiant heat also helps explains why the temperature drops as elevation increases.

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