The air that you breathe everyday really has an impact on your overall health. You may not know it now, but it is a possibility that your central air unit is pumping polluted air through your home and through you. We can assist your home by providing inspections to your central air unit and ducts, but there are also several things you can do to keep the indoor pollution to a minimum.

The first thing you can do to keep the air in your house clean is by looking down. Keeping your floors clean and fresh eliminate a lot of pollutants from the air just by maintaining clean surfaces. Vacuum, mop and sweep as much as possible to keep those allergens and chemicals out of your life.

Next, keep your air at a healthy humidity. Use a dehumidifier for the humid months, and use your air conditioner during the dry months. Too much humidity in your home breeds mold, and too much dry air breeds dust, neither of which your lungs need.

Finally, stick to natural cleaners. Most of us probably associate the smell of clean to lemon or pine, but those cleaners actually have chemicals in them that pollute the air. Try making your own cleaner, there are kits and resources online to make your own, it will save you money and help out your lungs in the process.

A home with a natural air flow also is imperative for high indoor quality. If your central air unit does not pump air all the way through your home, give us a call for an inspection.