Thank you for checking in our blog. On our last blog post from Premier Heating and Air, we talked about how to avoid furnace repairs and replacements. Avoiding furnace repairs or expensive furnace replacements in Denver can sometimes seem unavoidable, but with regular maintenance and diligent attention, we can at least lessen the damage when it does happen. Now that we have discussed your HVAC maintenance, we need to chat about your air conditioning repairs and maintenance. With the Colorado dry heat, you need your AC working great. Here’s a quick rundown of AC maintenance tips for you:

  • Check your refrigerants. They may need to be balanced.Efficiency can really be reduced if they are too low or too high. Incorrect coolant levels can increase your expenses significantly.

  • Check that air filter or and replace it if it’s been over 90 days or it is covered in dust or dirt. A dirty filter can make the entire HVAC or AC unit endure too much stress and fall prey to needless repairs and maintenance. This is absolutely critical.

  • For your AC, you want to figure out the highest temperature that you can feel comfortable at because it’s been shown that for every degree that we make that AC work, it costs us 8 percent in energy use. Those are real dollars. If the thermostat is in a high traffic area or it’s been several years since the thermostat has been calibrated, then you need to do that as well because that affects energy efficiency.