Some questions to ask when inquiring about installing energy effecient furnaces or air conditioners:
Do you offer ENERGY STAR qualified equipment?
Will you test to determine the maximum system size that can be installed with my existing ductwork?
Will you show me how to replace the air filter(s) in my new system?
Will you install new refrigerant lines rather than reusing existing lines?
Will you consider if zoning, with separate temperature controls for different areas, would be appropriate for
my home?
Will you install and help me to set up an ENERGY STAR qualified programmable thermostat(s) (if not already
in use)?
After installation, will you leave all manuals with me and provide documentation of installation procedures,
including Manual J calculations, AHRI certificate, and records of any measurements or testing?
Do you offer third-party verification that my system was properly installed and set up?
Will you confirm proper levels of refrigerant and airflow across the coil?
(AC & heat pump only)
At Premier Air we can answer all these questions and more. Give us a call at 303-993-9060