We shower, wash our dishes, and draw a bath for our kids without stopping to think about how hard the water heater is working to provide us with all that warm water. Until it reaches capacity and we’re shocked by a blast of icy cold water. If you’re tired of dealing with this problem, it could be time for a new water heater installation, but which type will you choose? There are several reasons why smart homeowners facing water heater or choose to break with tradition and upgrade to a tankless water heater. Here are some you might want to consider.

Extreme Energy Efficiency

A typical water heater works by filling its giant tank with water and using fossil fuels to keep that water at a particular temperature, usually around 140 degrees. This means energy is being used to heat the water every time it drops below this temperature, regardless of whether or not anyone needs hot water at that particular time. A tankless water heater, on the other hand, only uses energy to heat water when it’s needed. Depending on the brand, this means a 30 to 50 percent reduction in energy consumption, which can reduce a typical family’s energy bill by $100 or more per year!

More Compact Design

You’ve probably guess from the name, but a tankless water lacks the big, clunky tank associated with typical water heaters. This means it can be mounted on the wall in a properly vented closet and that closet can still be used for other things!

Continuous Supply Of Hot Water

Besides energy savings, this is probably the biggest reason homeowners switch to tankless water heaters. Here’s how the U.S. Department of Energy explains it: “When a hot water tap is turned on in the home, cold water is drawn into the water heater. A flow sensor activates the gas burner, which warms the heat exchanger. Incoming cold water encircles the heat exchanger and leaves the heater at its set-point temperature.” In this way, a water heater is able to provide a continuous flow of hot water, as long as the tap is switched on.

Financial Incentives

You might be surprised to learn that choosing a tankless water heater can benefit you in more ways than just being extremely energy efficient and easier to tuck away. Colorado is one of several states in which financial incentives are available for those who choose to make the switch to tankless water heating. Operated by Atmos Energy, Source Gas, and Colorado Natural Gas, a program called “Excess Is Out” offers up to $300 in rebates to any homeowner that decides to go tankless. Learn more at www.excessisout.com.

Hopefully this post has helped you to see how much a tankless water heater could improve your quality of life and actually save a significant amount of money on your utility bill. If you would like to know how much tankless water heater installation would cost, or simply have more questions about whether they’re the right fit for your home, contact Premiere Heating & Air today!