There’s no doubt about it, summer here in Denver can get uncomfortable fast. During the hottest days of summer, we rely on our air conditioner to keep our homes comfortable. If you have recently turned on your air conditioner, only to find that it doesn’t work, then you need to know if you can repair it or it needs to be replaced. That is why, in our last blog, our experts went over a couple of signs that indicate the need for air conditioning replacement in Denver. Keep reading to learn more!

#3. It breaks down frequently.

Do you feel like you are constantly having to get your air conditioner repaired? If your air conditioner breaks down frequently, it might be time to find a better option. Air conditioning repair may seem like a cheaper option at the moment, but those repairs will add up!

#4. You’ve noticed a spike in your energy bill.

It’s normal for the energy bill to go up a bit when you start using your air conditioner, but if the spike is drastic, it could be an indicator of a problem. If there is something seriously wrong with your air conditioner, it will make it have to work a whole lot harder than it should, and the evidence can often be found on your energy bill.

#5. You hear loud, unusual sounds coming from it. 

When air conditioners start to make loud noises, it is often an indicator of several problems, which could include air leaks, missing parts or it could just be struggling to work to its full capacity.

If you have noticed any of the above signs with your air conditioner, turn to the experts at Premier Heating and Air for the air conditioning replacement you need in Denver!