Just like everything in life, there is an expiration date on our household appliances. This is not limited to our air conditioning units, and if you have experienced a home without central air, you know how important central air can become in our homes. If your unit is completely broken, it is way past due that you should get a new central air conditioning unit. If this is the case, then contact us here at Premier Heating and Air, we are the Premier air conditioning replacement company here in Denver. But, if your central air conditioning unit seems like it is not pumping out the cool air like it used to, here are some tip offs that your central air system is telling you it is time for a repair or replacement.

If your unit only keeps cool one floor or one section of your home and it used to keep the entire house cool, it is a sure sign that some sort of action needs to be taken in order to repair it. It might be an old coil, air conditioning coils can last a long time, but it could be certain parts of the system need to be replaced but not necessarily the whole unit.

Another sign is if your unit makes noises that it did not used to. If you hear any clanking or rattling in your central air unit, either in the ducts, coils or the unit itself, call us to set up an inspection and quote. Our contractors are the best in the Denver Front Range area and you can trust their expertise. Give us a call today!