Warm weather has settled into Colorado for the next few months, and that means getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. While indoors, you’ll be running your air conditioner and fans, trying to stay cool. However, it’s important not to forget about your furnace during the summer months. June and July are the perfect time to check your furnace for problems and if need be, contact a professional for furnace repair in Denver.

At Premier Heating and Air, we offer high quality repair and installation services for your furnace. If your system is outdated or doesn’t do a great job of keeping your house warm in the fall and winter, it might be time for a new one. Summer is also a great time to clean your air ducts, removing dust and debris that could be causing breathing problems for you and your family. Indoor air quality is very important to the health of any home’s occupants.

If you need a new energy-efficient furnace, don’t wait to contact us.  A new furnace can cut your monthly utility bill in the winter, and you’ll enjoy more cozy and warm nights. We know the thought of cold nights is a far away idea, but it’s never the wrong  time to call for furnace repair in Denver. We offer 24 hour emergency service, if ever anything goes wrong in the wee hours of the morning. We can also keep your AC running smoothly all summer. Let Premier help keep your home at the proper temperature, no matter the time of year.