We all know that the Colorado summer can sometimes bring triple digit days that are extremely dry and hot, and sometimes central air conditioning is not enough. So here are a few tips to stay cool over the summer months that you maybe have never thought of for those days that are especially unbearable.

Try putting a small pillow in the freezer an hour or two before you try to go to sleep, make sure you put a plastic bag over it before you attempt to put it in the freezer so it does not get wet but gets nice and cool. Try placing it under your main sleeping pillow or hugging it while you fall asleep to keep your core cool.

Next, it is important to drink water all day that it is extremely hot. Your body cools itself more consistently when it is completely hydrated, and it keeps you healthier. If you drink six to eight ounces of water an hour you will really feel a difference during the day.

Finally, turn off all electronics that take heat to power them. If you are in one room at a time then turn the rest of the lights off in the house. A darker house is easier to keep cool than a house that has lots of light, and it saves you on the electricity bill. Instead of using the stove top or oven, grill outside more to keep the inside of your house nice and cool.

If none of these suggestions work, then we suggest giving us a call, we are the best air conditioning repair team in Denver, and your home may just need some central air repairs if it is that bad.