Most of the time the equipment that heats our homes and provides us with electricity are not on our minds. Really the only time that they are on our minds are when they are not working properly and doing their jobs correctly. Our water heater is no different, but if we provide regular maintenance to it, it can stay off our minds for a little bit longer.

The first thing to remember of course is safety, do the research you need to do before attempting any maintenance. There are tutorials online, or even give us a call at Premier Heating and Air, we have contractors who are more than willing to help you, and are even more helpful during a scheduled inspection.

Next, know that there are lots of parts to a water heater, and that most traditional water heaters hold 40 to 60 gallons of water with an extremely high PSI. The most essential parts of the water tank are the dip tube, which lets cold water into the tank, and the temperature or relief valve.

When providing maintenance on your water heater, clean the area that your water heater is in whether that is the garage or the basement. Then from there you can clean the separate parts of the water heater for general upkeep. Also, consider installing an automatic gas shut off valve or having one of our contractors help you with that process.

If you have any questions about water heaters or if yours is acting oddly, please set up an inspection with one of our contractors!