Call Premier When You Need a New Air Conditioner in Denver

The Premier Heating and Air team is here to make finding a new air conditioner for your Denver-area home easy. Choosing a new air conditioner for your home has a lot to do with sizing, and making sure you are getting a unit that’s powerful enough to cool your home but not so overpowered that you end up paying a fortune on energy bills. Our team uses some of the latest technology in the industry to make sure we get you the right new air conditioner for your home.

Buy an Air Conditioner from Our Colorado Company and Save

When you work with a Premier expert, you’ll be able to buy an air conditioner for your Colorado home that can actually save you money. We sell units that offer high energy efficiency, so they cool your home using less energy. That means your monthly energy bill is lower, and you are able to enjoy your air conditioner without worrying your energy bill is going to break your monthly budget. We carry all sizes and SEER  (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings available for Colorado’s climate:

  • (Best) 18 SEER – Highest recommended efficiency
  • (Better) 14, 15 SEER – Mid level efficiency (comes standard with R410A)
  • (Good) 13 SEER – Entry level (comes standard with R22)

R22 and R410A are refrigerants used in air conditioners, and when you buy an air conditioner it’s important to know what kind of refrigerant it uses. R410A is newer and more environmentally friendly, while R22 was phased out after 2010. Our technicians will make sure you completely understand every aspect of your unit when you buy an air conditioner from our Colorado company.

Call Our Air Conditioner Installer in Denver and Get Your New Unit Today!

We install all the air conditioning units and furnaces that we sell. Contact us to schedule a service or installation.

We do not just install air conditioners–we fix them too. We specialize in air conditioning repairs and installations, which is handy on these hot, dry Colorado summers. To schedule a regular HVAC service or our 24 Hour Emergency HVAC Service, call Premier Heating and Air. We also offer memberships that can save you a bunch of money and keep your air conditioning humming along.