Welcome back to the blog for Premier Heating and Air, Denver’s specialists in HVAC service and air conditioning repair. Whenever you start seeing the leaves changing colors in the mountains of our great state you know you’ll be swapping out your air conditioning and turning on your furnace for heat soon. Now is the time to make sure your furnace is working properly and ready for the dip in temperatures. When you call us to service your HVAC, there are several systems we check to ensure that your furnace is ready to go this winter. The following should be checked or maintained twice a year by a trained HVAC technician to avoid undue furnace repair or replacement:

  1. Blower motor inspected;

  2. Burner assembly cleaned;

  3. Sensors and controls inspected.

We also like to answer questions we receive in the field and online in our HVAC advice column. Here is a question we received recently and I have heard in the field many times.

Dear HVAC Technicians,

Now that most of the heat of the summer is behind us, I decided to check on my furnace to make sure it was working properly during one of the cool early mornings we had last week. I would much rather find out that my furnace is not working while it is warm out than when I actually need it to heat the house. I am glad that I did because there was not much air coming out of the vents. It seems like a universal problem that was occurring throughout the house. That is to say, that there seem to be the same low production of air movement through the vents,  regardless of which floor I was on or which room I was in. I  would have hated to have discovered that on one of those cold Colorado nights. Anyway, I am wondering if there’s anything I can do with my HVAC to get more air flowing through the vents or if it is something and HVAC technician will have to take care of with a service call?

Thank you for answering my HVAC question,

Fretting About Furnace Repair In Federal Heights


Dear Fretting,

First, we wanted to give you some kudos for planning ahead and checking  to see if you needed repairs or a replacement before you actually needed the furnace to work. How long has it been since you checked your air filter in your furnace? It is easy for those furnace filters to get really clogged with all the dirt and dust that can fly around during the hot summer months. When  your furnace filter is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, air can not pass through it as easily. Therefore, you have a reduction of airflow through your vents and home. That’s the bad part in the short term; however, you can do a great deal of damage to your HVAC unit to the extent that you need a furnace repair or replacement much sooner than you would if you had change the filters every month. A brand new furnace filter should do the trick for you.

Thank you for writing in with your question. If you have any further questions, you know how to contact us.


Premier Heating and Air