Even if you don’t recognize the iconic line from the first Ghostbusters movie that this blog is titled after, you still know that it can be hard to predict when something is afoul. With the altering seasons, the time to get your HVAC inspected so that you know you’re ready to go for the winter time is fast approaching. Welcome back to the blog for Premier Heating and Air, Denver’s standalone leader in HVAC and furnace repair and installations. our customers are always pleased with how much they’re able to save their HVAC maintained biannual basis inspection and another in the fall.  My annual inspections we can’t no more readily find potential problems with your HVAC, furnace, or air conditioning. Bi annual inspections also make a huge difference in different cost of repairs that are needed because if it catches the problem sooner than if there were only annual inspections or no inspections at all.  A problem with your furnace Can get pretty costly if it’s allowed to go for 6 to 12 months or longer. With no inspections, you only catch problems once it’s too late. Whereas an HVAC of that undergoes regular services will avoid major repairs. Contact our office to schedule an HVAC service or arrange a service agreement with a no risk, free estimate.

In addition to providing valuable money saving tips on our blog, we also like to field questions from our customers and the general public on our HVAC advice column. Here is a recent question that we received.

Dear HVAC Experts,

On a recent journey into the uncharted territory known as art crawl space, I noticed a strange smell coming from my HVAC. It didn’t smell like natural gas or propane so I didn’t panic or call anyone at that point. However, having just returned to the crawl space, I just smelled it again, so I thought I better ask about it. For the most part, it smells slightly like something like oil is burning, but I do not see any smoke or anything that looks like it hass been burnt. Thank you in advance for your help and for answering my question.


Aromas in Aurora

Dear Aromas,

You are very smart too ask about an odd smell emanating from your HVAC. this could be due to several things. Since you  mentioned that it smells like oil burning to look around to see if you can find an oil spot  around a track.  could be a leak or drip that is tripping onto a warm surface. Sometimes it can be just a matter of  tightening down on a fitting. you can also try to listen for any unusual noises coming from your furnace or HVAC. Many times, this can lead you to the source of the problem. You can also contact us to set up a free estimate for  your furnace repair. we are always happy to let you know what is wrong and how much it is to fix it. Please let us know how we can serve your furnace repair and HVAC needs. We hope this helps you find the source of the smell, and thank you for writing into our HVAC advice column.


Premier Heating and Air